Intelligent Window Glass

by Harry Richardson on March 31, 2015

Have you ever wanted a window glass that seamlessly transitions through four tints to provide unobstructed views without the glare or heat?

A room is not a room without natural light, so the more natural daylight, the better for occupant comfort.

View Glass in Milpitas, CA has a dynamic glass product (the four tints can be changed within ten minutes) that has a smart interface, predictive intelligence, linear glass network architecture, clear view IGU, and next generation electrochromatic technology. This means that there is an interactive tint control from smart mobile devices or a desktop, the glass anticipates the sun’s movement and maintains the optimum tint, the intelligence maximizes window performance, the glass comes in sizes up to 5′ x 10′, and the glass can automatically adapt to changing external conditions or can be controlled by the user. Since this product rejects unwanted thermal energy, HVAC costs are reduced.

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